Why is Frankinsence called the King of Oils?

Frankinsence is one of the most prized and versatile essential oils, often referred to as the "King of Oils". I will come clean with you though, at the start of my essential oils journey I was overwhelmed by it's extensive benefits and uses, so I avoided using it!

Now through learning more about it and experimenting first hand, I use it daily. So I thought I would share what I've learnt in case you find yourself in the same predicament with our friend, Frank.

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It retails at $120 - did mention it's one of the most precious and valuable oils?! The price tag was another reason I didn't get it to begin with.

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So let's get back to...


Renowned as one of the most prized and precious essential oils, Frankincense has extraordinary health benefits and it is so versatile that its uses are limitless. 

It is amazing for skin and beautifying - for me it has visibly improved skin imperfections, reduced enlarged pores and faded the crease between my eyebrows. I recently made my own face serum which I'm loving! It has just 3 ingredients:

  • Fill Serum bottle (buy here) with Jojoba oil (I get mine from Nourished Life)
  • Add 10 drops Frankinsence
  • Add 10 drops Clary Sage

This works for my skin type which is quite oily and prone to hormonal breakouts. If your skin type is different then do some research about what oils would best suit you, or get in touch and I will do my best to advise. I've also used combined frankinsence with aloe vera, peppermint and lavender to create my own natural after sun spray, perfect for an Aussie summer.

Frank also boosts the properties of other oils and supports immunity. When I feel like I'm about to come down with something, I like to use it in my immune bomb on the bottom of my feet, and also in the diffuser with On Guard, Tea Tree and Lemon. Here's the Immunity Bomb recipe:

Immunity Bomb Recipe - 10ml rollerbottle

  • 16 drops Lemon
  • 15 drops On Guard
  • 15 drops Tea Tree
  • 12 drops Oregano
  • 10 drops Frankincense
  • Top with fractionated coconut oil

Your muscles and joints are also supported by Frank - you can apply it before putting the athletic blend, Ice Blue, over the top. A story for you..one of my regular sports recovery yoga students has never been able to do half pigeons pose due to issues with her knee. She started taking 1 drop of frankinsence in her lemon water each morning. After 4 days the inflammation in her knee disappeared, it is pain free and for the first time she is able to do half pigeon with no issues. Amazing!

If you're looking for focus, nourishing the blood or brain, or supporting healthy cellular function then Frank is the oil for you. Check out published studies on pubmed (one of the largest medical publications in the world).

Image via http://dropsofnourishment.com

Image via http://dropsofnourishment.com

To promote feelings of peace and relaxation, diffuse Frank or dilute it and apply topically to wrists/neck.  It is deeply grounding - I sometimes offer a Frankinsence and Lavender blend at the end of yoga classes before students move into relaxation. You could also combine with Balance, White Fir or Vetiver for a more earthy and less feminine aroma (I made a male relative Frank/White Fir for Christmas).

Emotionally Frankincense is known as the Oil of Truth and it has a history of being used to connect to our spirituality.

This oil has so many uses and benefits, there is so much to learn! And that is one of the most exciting things about this oily journey.


Watch this video (2 minute view time) to learn more about how doTERRA sources Frankinsence and how it  benefits families in Somalia:


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WIN! The Lumo Diffuser + the Holiday Peace blend when you place a 200 PV order by midnight on Sunday 31 January 2017.

I hope this has shed some light on our friend Frank.

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Do you have any frankinsence stories? I would love to hear them!

Lou x

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