How can pre-natal yoga benefit myself and my baby?

Pregnancy is a great time to start practicing yoga. As well as alleviating physical aches and pains, it also provides you with a range of tools that you can use during your pregnancy, birth, and beyond as you transition into motherhood.

Pre-natal yoga combines breathing, movement, movement, relaxation and visualisation to prepare you both physically and mentally for the birth of your baby. The benefits of yoga during pregnancy and birth include:

  • Alleviates/prevents common aches and pains, eg tightness around the thoracic, heartburn, muscle cramps, fluid retention, shortness of breath
  • Alleviates back problems and sciatica
  • Improves posture Improves circulation (reduces fluid retention) and helps to reduce blood pressureIncreases strength, stamina and flexibility 
  • Energises the body and mind, helping to reduce fatigue
  • Beneficial for the nervous and hormonal systems
  • Improves balance and co-ordination
  • Deep toning of the birth muscles
  • Teaches Mums-to-be relaxation tools to help them stay present, calm, focused during labour
  • Empowers women to develop physical and mental strength for the challenges ahead.  

By attending a regular pre-natal yoga class, you carve out time in your week to tune in and connect with your baby, and your body. 

Pre-natal yoga strengthens your body, improves your stamina and increases your flexibility. This ensures you are in the best possible shape for the challenges of birth and helps you to recover quickly after your baby has arrived. Towards the end of your pregnancy, yoga also encourages your baby to move into an optimal position for birth.

By learning how to breathe deeply and efficiently on the yoga mat, Mums experience that the breathe comes more naturally when they are birthing, which in turn helps to keep the mind present and calm. 

Meeting other Mums-to-be creates a sense of community, and the nurturing and supportive class environment helps women overcome any fear, anxiety, overwhelm or emotional challenges around the impending birth and motherhood. 

Guided relaxations and meditations are also used to release stress, tension and calm the nervous system. 

Ultimately, our pre-natal yoga classes aim to help Mums-to-be feel physically and emotionally prepared for a positive birth experience. 

Did you do yoga in your pregnancy? How did you find it benefitted your body, mind and birth?


"Lou's pre-natal yoga classes are just wonderful - and the perfect blend of movement, rest, information and humour. I moved Heaven and Earth to be there each week, and was able to draw on the yoga practice and mindset during what was an amazing birth experience! We are now loving Lou's Mums n Bubs classes!'

Brit Sooby & Baby Dashiel

Tracey Gobey