Restore Yoga


Starts back on Tuesday 22 January, 7.30pm Surfside Home Studio.


This class is designed specifically for:

  • Anyone who thinks they are too tight, or not flexible enough for yoga

  • People who are exhausted from a busy, modern day life but are not particularly good at relaxing or slowing down

  • Those who train hard in their chosen modality - whether that is Crossfit, footy or surfing OR those who work very hard and spend a lot of time sitting/driving

  • Men or women - who would feel uncomfortable going to an open class

  • All levels from total beginners to experienced yogis


  • Increased flexibility and range of motion

  • Healthier joints

  • Increased focus and concentration

  • Increased body and spatial awareness, improving your alignment in your sport

  • Improved balance and stability

  • Reduced soreness and faster recovery

  • Injury prevention

  • Calmer nervous system, resulting in lower stress levels and stronger immunity

  • Better breath control and efficiency


We focus on different areas of the anatomy each week, depending on who is in the room and what injuries or ailments we are working with. We learn poses that target specific parts of the body and are easy to replicate at home, in the gym, or outside. 

Throughout the session we use breathing techniques to bring energy into the body, remove toxins, lengthen muscles and calm the nervous system.

Towards the end of the class, you will be guided into relaxation. This will teach your nervous system to unwind, leaving you feeling relaxed and revived.

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"Lou is one of the best instructors I have ever come across, both personally and professionally. In 2013 we approached her about teaching yoga at CrossFit Athletic and since then she has been our go-to yoga instructor for all corporate contracts, events and sports recovery classes.

Not only does she have a firm understanding of how everyday people move and feel, but she also caters for different levels always providing options to accommodate ability, experience, injuries and pregnancy, making all our members feel welcome and cared for.

10/10 from all of us at CrossFit Athletic."

- Natasha Kaz, Crossfit Athletic Gym Manager & CrossFit Games Athlete