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Aroma Yin for Spring

In Spring, nature enters a new cycle, one of renewal, growth and expansion. Our yoga practice provides a tool to create this same energy within our body and mind. Helping us to reset and start again, in order to grow and expand.

Yin yoga is a deeply healing and meditative form of yoga that targets connective tissues, joints and energy meridians of the body. In this workshop we’ll be working with the meridians associated with Spring to release stagnation and aid detoxification.

Essential oils are an incredible tool to deepen our yoga practice, we’ll use them to help cleanse our organs and systems; and shift old, unwanted layers so we can reawaken our vital life energy.  

Guided relaxation and intention setting will aid us to see life from a fresh perspective so we can make a conscious choice to start again and move towards our full potential.

Enjoy a cleansing green juice afterwards with our beautiful community. 

Earlier Event: October 5
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