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FREE Workshops: Essential Oils

FREE Workshop: Natural Health Solutions

Lou is passionate about natural health solutions and as a doTERRA Diamond Leader she loves empowering others with these pure, plant-based products. 

doTERRA, meaning 'gift of the earth', is the world's largest natural healthcare company and produces a huge range of essential oils that are sourced ethically and grown indigenously. When you purchase oils from doTERRA you're supporting communities in over 20 developing countries. 

Each batch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure purity, potency and consistency. You can read more about the sourcing and how doTERRA give back here

These products give us a natural option to turn to first. So whether you're looking to switch chemical laden cleaning and personal products with more natural alternatives, or to support sleep, immunity, mood and much more; let me teach you how.

Learn more how about these pure, plant-based products and get 25% off here 

Attend one of my free educational classes, chat with me after a yoga class, or I can even come to your home or workplace.