Yoga has been all these things for me and more: A pathway to find stillness, balance, happiness. A means of gaining perspective, awareness, clarity. An opportunity for connection with myself and others, a chance to build community. A source of courage to start afresh, believe in myself and chase dreams and a way to inspire and motivate those around me.

During times of illness, injury and change, yoga and oils have been my medicine and so as well as dynamic flow classes, we now also offer more gentle styles to restore body and mind; plus free educational class on essential oils.

Through my own pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery, yoga provided the most incredible box of tools and techniques and it continues to provide limitless support through motherhood. My mission now is to empower other women with these tools, and so we offer Pre-Natal and Mums n Bubs.

I am here to support you create freedom in your body, mind and life, by choosing healthier options.
— Lou Kelly

Meet Lou.

How the Journey Began...

Growing up on a British army base in the Mediterranean, Lou developed a passion for travel, sport, sunshine and the outdoor lifestyle –  so it’s no real surprise she ended up here on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Lou started yoga during her final year at university and like most of us who are new to the practice she initially focused on the physical side of the practice – the poses (asana), strength, toning and flexibility.

Lou got a bit lost in her late twenties but yoga was there to break her fall, helping her to trust her intuition and find the right path. With the world at her feet she packed her bags, rented out her UK flat and chased her dream of living in Sydney, stopping off to travel around India on the way.

Stepping straight off the plane into a busy marketing role, Lou experienced recurring glandular fever. This provided a catalyst to slow down, listen to her body, explore natural therapies, learn about nutrition and to practice more gentle yoga techniques. Lou used yoga as medicine to heal her body and relax her mind, ultimately creating more balance, space and happiness in her life. Keen to share with, and inspire, others Lou completed her 360 hour yoga teacher training.

An Evolving, Playful Practice

This personal transformation and discovery that yoga is more than just what happens on the mat, is the gift Lou brings to all her classes. Lou encourages students to listen to their bodies, to tailor the practice for their own specific needs and encourages them to apply what they learn on the mat to their everyday lives.

She enjoys variety in life and this reflects her teaching which ranges from making yoga accessible to beginners, preparing Mums-to-be for birth and helping athletes improve their performance and recovery.

Lou believes in an ever-evolving practice that changes with you as you journey through life – particularly for women as they move through pregnancy, birth(s) and motherhood. Lou radiates playfulness and positivity, she weaves this through her classes to leave students feeling revived, upbeat and balanced.

Lou has completed various yoga teacher training courses and workshops with Power Living Australia, Tiffany Cruikshank Founder of Yoga Medicine and Rainbow Kids Yoga. Most recently, Lou completed her Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Bliss Baby Yoga and has been focusing on Seasonal Yoga.

Goodbye Corporate World, Hello Motherhood, Yoga & OIls

Swapping the corporate world for motherhood and yoga brought freedom, but also exhaustion! 

While yoga provides us with tools for creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle; eliminating toxins and weaving self-care rituals into every day, is incredibly powerful.  

Louise is experienced in using these natural products to support adrenal fatigue, sleep deprivation, lack of energy, gut health, immune function and a yoga/meditation practice. 

When she's not teaching yoga or oils, you'll find her on the beach, training at Crossfit Athletic Mona Vale, renovating her house, or spending time with her beautiful family - husband Rhys and toddler Skye.