Spindrift Collections: Om Necklace

Spindrift Collections: Om Necklace


Om Necklace: Wear your love and commitment to your yoga practice with a beautiful sterling silver Om charm and a unique, hand collected collected and sea smoothed beach glass piece in a pure frosted white.

Use this Spindrift Collections necklace to feel a constant connection to your daily yoga practice and the ocean and to that feeling of balance and contentment that you feel after your practice.

Keep your yoga practice close to you with a necklace as unique as you.

There are 2 chain types available, a fixed length snake chain or an extendable diamond cut fine chain with 3 loops for wearing at 3 lengths (40cm, 45cm, 50cm)

Gift Idea: This necklace is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one with a love and commitment to yoga, mindfulness and meditation. It is a lovely reminder and connection to their yoga practice and to a feeling of balance. 

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