Spilt Mlk Waterbottles

Spilt Mlk Waterbottles

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Spilt Mlk bottles are made from high-quality borosilicate glass. This is toughened glass that can withstand being thrown around in your bag and sudden temperature changes. We choose glass because it's better for you – and the world. It doesn't change the taste of its contents or allow chemicals to find their way into your drink. Plus, it's 100% recyclable.

MERMAID SPLASH: (n.) beautiful aquatic creature with the head of a female and the tail of a fish, taking on many different appearances, origins, and personalities. First spotted by Christopher Columbus while sailing in 1492; little did he know, this encounter was actually the splash of a manatee.

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PEACH FIZZ: (n.) She's a peach, a little bit dramatic, has a signature fuzz and a true sign of hot weather.

CONFETTI: (n.) Instant awesomeness. That's confetti.

PINK PERSUASION: (n.) Donut's favourite colour, also slang for a "car title" in California, where car titles are pink.

500 ml

  • Made from toughened glass
  • Thermal Sleeve
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% BPA free
  • Not suitable for the freezer or the microwave.

Water doesn't just keep us alive, it gives us everything that makes life worth living. That's why we're passionate about celebrating water and supporting Water.org with their mission of solving the global water and sanitation crisis. We donate $1 dollar from every sale straight to water.org.

When Your Bottle Arrives

Press the silicone seal to the top of the bottle lid. It will now stay there. 

To clean between the sleeve and the glass, remove the sleeve. Wash bottle and sleeve. To insert the bottle back into the sleeve, fold over the top of the sleeve and place the bottle into the bottom. It should glide in so then you can peel the top part of the sleeve back down. Ta-dah! 

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