Spindrift Collections: Surf

Spindrift Collections: Surf


Spindrift Fin Necklace :: Wear your love of surfing and the ocean with a beautiful recycled sterling silver surf fin charm and a piece of hand collected & sea smoothed beach glass in a sea foam turquoise.

A necklace to always feel connected to the the ocean and to your love of surfing new breaks. Keep your dreams close to you with a necklace as unique as you are.

“Its the reason I go to bed before its fully dark and wake up every morning before dawn, Its why the prevailing winds are my preferred topic of conversation and a wetsuit my most consistent fashion statement, its the one thing that I have that I don’t actually own, because it owns me. Its the next wave, and its mine”  Unknown.

Gift Idea: This necklace is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one with a love of  the ocean and surfing. Maybe they are full of wanderlust, setting off on a new surf adventure or perhaps you want to buy something for them to remember an amazing surf trip they have been on in the past or inspire them to take a trip in the future. It is a beautiful gift for all adventurous surfer who loves the ocean and the beach. It comes in a gorgeous recycled gift box with description card.

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