The Essential Oils & Emotional Wellbeing Insight Cards

The Essential Oils & Emotional Wellbeing Insight Cards


A little bit overwhelmed with all the emotional benefits essential oils can have on us? Yeah, I was too! For this reason, I use this inspirational card deck. These cards have been made to help you learn and help you selects oils on an intuitive level. They're also perfect to use during coaching sessions with clients or during online readings.


About the deck

  • A deck to be used as both insight cards and as an oracle deck

  • Quick, intuitive reference when you are wanting emotional and spiritual guidance and support form your essential oils

  • A wonderful addition to online coaching, consults, and intuitive readings where essential oils are a focus

  • You can easily pull a few cards for clients or even use them as a teaching or quick reference tool while consulting


  • A description of the emotions each specific oil is known to evoke

  • The chakra(s) each oil is associated with to help balance and cleanse

  • The numerology number and a mantra associated with each card

  • The deck features and is based on single oils stocked by dōTERRA

  • Affordable.... cause we’d all rather be spending our money on oils, right?!


How to use the deck

You are free to use the deck as you please. Simply think of the emotion you want support with, shuffle the deck, and draw out your card(s)

Additionally, you can use the deck as a daily flashcards where you learn the emotional benefits each oil can have. You can also use it as a supportive tool to help you intuitively choose which oil(s) would be best used that day


  • 56 different single essential oils cards featuring oil per card (see below for list)

  • Deck comes with a beautiful handmade linen drawstring bag for storage

  • Card Size: 2.75" x 4.75" (70mm x 121mm)

List of oils included in the deck:

Arborvitae | Basil | Birch | Bergamot | Black Pepper | Blue Tansy | Cardamom | Cassia | Cedarwood, Cilantro | Cinnamon | Clary Sage | Clove | Copaiba | Coriander | Cypress | Dill |Douglas Fir | Eucalyptus | Fennel | Frankincense | Geranium | Ginger | Grapefruit | Helichrysum | Jasmine | Juniper Berry | Lavender | Lemon | Lemongrass | Lime | Litsea | Manuka | Marjoram | Melaleuca | Melissa | Myrrh | Neroli | Oregano | Roman Chamomile | Peppermint | Petitgrain | Thyme | Sandalwood | Rosemary | Tangerine | Spearmint | Vetiver | Rose | Siberian Fir | Spikenard | White Fir | Wild Orange | Wintergreen | Patchouli | Ylang Ylang

 ** this listing is for cards ONLY, no other accessories in pictures included**

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