Spindrift Collections: Next Wave Ring

Spindrift Collections: Next Wave Ring


Next Wave: Beautiful sterling silver wave ring, hammered to a textured finish.

“Its the reason I go to bed before its fully dark and wake up every morning before dawn, Its why the prevailing winds and surf are my preferred topic of conversation and a wetsuit my most consistent fashion statement, its the one thing that I have that I don’t actually own, because it owns me. Its the next wave, and its mine”  Unknown.

This Spindrift Collection ring is designed to stack with the swell lines ring, see the photo showing the stack. This listing is just for one Wave Ring. (Surfside Edit: I love wearing the two together! Lou x)

Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery of this custom made item.

Please indicate in your order (at checkout), the ring size required. We advise using this ring chart to help you www.ringsizes.co or contact us if you would like to discuss a special custom order.

Gift Idea: This ring is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one with a love of the ocean and surfing.  It comes in a gorgeous recycled gift box.

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